We are CLOSED to in-house meetings for now.  But if you are pregnant (or think you MIGHT be)  and want/need us, CALL ahead (218-732-5212)  or  email our Client Services Director and we WILL make arrangements.

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We celebrate moms!


Please call and leave a message (or email us) if you have a concern, we will get back to you as soon as we are able. 

You and your baby are important to us!



Please CHECK the Covid-19 UPDATE menu item above each day, as things DO change.


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PRC of the Park Rapids Area

"THANK YOU" to the community for all your love and support of this ministry to help give our babies and young parents the support they need.


Michael Johnk    Executive Director

Kylee Payne        Client Services Director

Phone: (218) 732-5212

   24/7   (800) 712-HELP (4357)

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