About us

The Pregnancy Resource Center is a nonprofit ministry that seeks to bring compassion and hope to women and teens that are unprepared for pregnancy. Since 1997, the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Park Rapids Area (formerly the Caring Pregnancy Center) has been helping women and men in the Park Rapids and surrounding communities.

We are focused on supporting moms (and dads) who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy situation. Your questions and feelings will be respectfully addressed. We would like to help in any way we can to assist you through this challenging time to ensure a best outcome for you and your baby.     

Call us at (218) 732-5212 and talk to someone who knows, who cares, and can help!

Our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL   **We are a Care-Net affiliate

The services are FREE because of the wonderful COMMUNITY FINANCIAL SUPPORT!  If you have not partnered with us, PLEASE DO.  We rely upon God and the community's support.  You can find donation information HERE.

Pregnancy tests, counseling, information, referrals, baby supplies, education...   We want the BEST for mom, dad and baby!

We are here to help!

Michael Johnk

Executive Director


Laura Chase

Client Services Director


HOURS we are available:

Monday through  Thursday  ---  10:30am - 4pm

Friday - Closed or by Appointment

We believe in doing all we can to support the health and well-being of all babies and their young parents.

Our Mission

To be here for YOU if you find yourself in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy, to answer your questions, to support your efforts and  provide whatever resources we can to help you make the best decision(s) for YOUR baby.


Our Vision

To be the valuable community resource for young families in need of information, supplies and certain services that we are blessed to provide because of the wonderful generosity of our community!

We would greatly appreciate your support!