At The Pregnancy Resource Center of the Park Rapids Area, we want you to know that we are "here to help".  If you are pregnant and want/need to have someone by your side, contact us!  We want the BEST for you AND your baby!  If you are undecided about whether to keep your baby or not, here is a 7 minute video giving you the facts you may want to know before deciding.  And always remember, we are here for YOU and your baby.  We are "here to help", the help is FREE and our services are CONFIDENTIAL.  We do want to help!


Call  us at 218-732-5212   or

Email our Client Services Director (Kylee) at:


Please complete THESE FORMS and return them to us so that we can be authorized to consult with you confidentially.

If you are interested in the FACTS about the abortion pill and possibilities of reversing the process, please check out this information article from Life Services of Spokane covering this difficult topic.  Be informed!