Covid-19: Call ahead!

March 20, 2020 - Though we are NOT open to the public due to Covid-19, we will keep limited office hours (mainly for fielding calls and potential future scheduling). If you visit the center, you need to call ahead of time to be certain it's ok. And if you DO visit, you must be free from fever, cough, and not be contagious in any way. Your visit will be brief, as in picking something up at the door. We will not be having personal visit consultations until it is safe to do so. AGAIN, "Please call ahead if you need to visit the center, we will decide if a visit is necessary". We are doing our part to ensure no spread of Covid-19, everyone needs to! Thank you! Please pass this along to folks who may frequent the PRC but not have FB or internet or won't likely see this. Greatly appreciated!

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