"Pies For Life" Fundraiser, the whole month of December!

With in-person fundraisers virtually eliminated due to Covid-19, Debbie Yennie has graciously offered to make pies and cheesecakes for what she has called “Pies For Life” in an effort to raise funds to help with ongoing financial needs at the Pregnancy Resource Center. She is donating her time, effort and materials. Her goal is to offer a FREE pie to those folks willing to DONATE at least $50 and a FREE cheesecake for those willing to DONATE $100 or commit to 1 year of monthly donations via Paypal. She is NOT selling pies or cheesecakes. All DONATIONS made to the Pregnancy Resource Center are tax-deductible and NO goods or services are required for making a donation. We are blessed to have Debbie be so gracious and GENEROUS in her efforts to help us! THANK YOU Debbie!

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Interested in receiving a homemade pie, crisp or cheesecake for a donation to PRC during the month of December? Back by popular demand! Check out the events page here: