Spaghetti Dinner canceled...

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the "Spaghetti Dinner" fundraiser we WERE going to have May 18th. We will, however, mention that we do still rely upon the generosity of our community for funding! One thing we would LOVE to implement here at the center is an online, web-based training curriculum to help our clients learn skills to help them create a better life and environment for themselves AND their babies. They can do this at their own pace, from home, and still earn credits toward things they'd like to have. This course is called BrightCourse, and is a monthly cost of $80 for TWO concurrent streams. If YOU would like to help us invest in this curriculum, PLEASE let us know! Our clients would greatly benefit from this especially during these Covid-19 stay-at-home times. And when things return to "normal", it will STILL be an awesome option for those folks who find it difficult to come visit us regularly. We look forward to ANYONE willing to help us with this!

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