"Read For Life" Fundraiser

THANK YOU so much to ALL the great readers (and their sponsors) for the incredible efforts in support of your Pregnancy Resource Center of the Park Rapids Area.  It was a huge success, and we appreciate every single one of you!

February and March of 2021   *** Ended


Thank you to the school-aged students wishing to participate in this fundraiser!  There is no minimum number of books to be read.  We appreciate ALL efforts on our behalf!  All students will receive a gift for participating.  Pledges returned to us by April 5th, 2021 will be eligible for awarded prizes.  All donations are tax deductible.  Participants/parents are responsible for collecting and returning all pledges.  THANK YOU!  Want to register online?  Go here!  The registration is a way to show you APPROVE of your student(s) participating AND helps us to know how many students are participating so we can plan accordingly.  Please send your printed registration with your printed Log/Pledge sheets even if you registered online.  THANK YOU!

Download, print and return these two forms (PDF Format):

Registration Form

Log/Pledge Form

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