It's Nov 22, 2021, and so far so good.  Please use GOOD judgement and wear a mask if you are ill when visiting (to be safe).  If you are healthy, no need for a mask.  We truly hope the mask mandate issues are a thing of the past.  Be wise and don't spread illnesses.  Thank you!

Yes, the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Park Rapids Area is affected by the Covid-19 issues.

Older notices appear below...

It's April 15th, 2021, and we are STILL under the "Face masks Required" edict.  Hope this ends soon!



As of July 24th, 2020 (and it continues even today!)

Gov. Walz's Exec. Order requiring MASKS is in place.  See the entire order here.

If you visit, MASKS are required.  Poster located below.

We can accept general visitors, please schedule your visit (two people at a time, max).  We are accepting "material" donations if those "materials" have not been in contact with someone/something that had exposure to the corona virus AND they are "appropriate" for our mission to serve young pregnant moms AND their babies up to age 5.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD and discuss your donation first!!  Volunteers: please call us if you feel you are ready to return.  We'll work with each volunteer individually when you call.  Thanks!!


 We ARE here for CLIENTS!

If you are pregnant (or think you might be) and want/need to talk with someone, PLEASE let us know!

We will find a way to be in touch. The BEST option is to email our Client Services Director at OR Director at

OR message us on Facebook   OR

CALL us at 218-732-5212 and leave a clear message, we will get back to you. Once we connect, we will direct you to the forms to sign allowing us to speak with you confidentially (and you can also get them here), and either mail them to us or we can make arrangements to receive them at the office IF you wish to drop them off. If you NEED us, we will be there for YOU.  If you are a client needing diapers and wipes, just call ahead and we will arrange for you to receive them.

You and your baby ARE important to us!

As the Gov’t mandates change, we will also adjust.