Personal Stories of triumph over fear and adversity

Kylee's Story - She is from Pregnancy Resource Center of the Park Rapids Area.  She shares some about her life journey and a little more about us here at the PRC.

Erika's Story - She is from Life Services of Spokane, WA

Glendie's Story - She is from Life Services of Spokane, WA

Rhonda Lobosco - She shares her testimony covering her journey after abortion and how she came to know Jesus' love.

Are you struggling with the after-effects of an abortion?  Do you think God can't forgive or heal?  Are you interested in learning how God CAN (and will) help you heal?  Give this promo a watch, then contact us so that we can get this book into YOUR hands and help you heal.  This author, Lorraine Marie Varela, was a part of the making of the movie "Unplanned".  You may just find this devotional to be exactly what you need.